Last Update: tth May, 2000

Welcome to Alliance Desktops! The place to see what all the members of these lose group of squadrons hide on their machines, be they at home or at work!

Browsing is simple, and submiting a desktop even more! But enough chatter! Follow the instructions below to navigate this site, and please don't forget to visit the FAQ section, where all the answers to your questions will be revealed!


Home This page of course!! What else were you expecting!
Submit it! Information on how to submit your Desktop Capture.
Galleries The nitty gritty you came here for! With 6 galleries to choose from!
FAQ All the answers to those questions you've had since you got here!
Links Links to all the MEC regulars (as if you didn't know them already!), to the Message boards, and some other sites of interest too.
Email To where you should send you submission!!!!

Nosey Alliance members have been here!


All graphics by Arachnoid. That means me. Except the desktop images that is. Any unauthorized use is forbidden. In other words, Don't Do It!! Please ask the author - i.e. Arachnoid - for permission before using any graphics.
It's not that hard to understand!

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