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More submissions! But the flow is starting to slacken, so get capturin' and send me those desktops!!
This week we got images from such personalities as A'Kula, Animal, Ketch, and Raiven ...again!

A'Kula - Kalidor TacO
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"The first is my favorite of Cap'n Jim. As a 3D renderer myself, I really was impressed with his use of models, lighting and overall scene composition. It really gives me the feeling of being in the X-Wing cockpit, heading to the DS." "This is a rendered scene from Babylon 5, showing the most beautiful SciFi ship I've seen - the White Star - entering from a jumpgate at full throttle with guns blazing. An awesome sight." "It's Babylon 5, lit up with its night rig, all alone in the night ..."

Animal - Buccaneer CO
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"I can't wait for Diablo II to be released, the Amazon has such a sharp personality. Don't you think so?" "Ewan McGregor's rendition of the Heisman pose." "Darth Maul: 'Your time has come, that hairstyle has been out since the clone wars.'
Qui Gon: 'You are greatly mistaken if you plan to trim me with that clumsy weapon.'
Darth Maul: 'Would you rather I use a blaster? Too bad your complexion is so light or I would recommend you shave it all off, that is definitely in this year.'"

Ketch - Gray 6
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"I try to avoid icons so there are not very many. I also try to keep things simple which this accomplishes. Finally if I were really living in the Star Wars universe this is what I would expect my computer to look like, ok, well kind of anyway."

Raiven - Wolfshead 22
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"I prefer uncluttered desktop images where possible, and knocked this one up from a title image on an IWar website and a plain black background for the rest of the image. The image shows the USS Dreadnaught, the player's craft, and I like the unusual orientation of the planet - above, rather than below, the spacecraft." "This is one of my favourite Star Wars images. I ran across it years ago in a SWRPG sourcebook, and then forgot about it until I joined the Alliance, when I started looking around at the SW community online. I found this image on one website, played with it a bit and used it as a desktop for a while, until I decided it was a little too cluttered and switched to the I War image."


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