Gallery 4

Zoom - Red CO
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Quote 1: "You have to ask? [siiiiigh]"
Quote 2: "Are you an Angel?"

Prowler - Buccaneer XO
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"A screenshot of my favorite movie sequence of the original Starcraft (the one where Bravo Squadron destroys the outer Tarsonis platforms. You know, typical fighter squadron work.:), in which my favorite unit, the Wraith, jets by." "The first Star Wars background to ever be seen across my viewscreen. also one of my favorite. kudos to the guy who drew it. Can't remember at the moment." "One of the background images that can be found when running XvT. I put it up one week every month or so because it is cool, [g], and because my toddler of a brother fawns over it for some reason. I think it's the rebel crest..hmmm."

Jalb_k - Corsair 1
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"My current desktop is self explanatory, being the number 1 egg jockey in RW, but it does change, frequently :) Sometimes I'll stay with plain black, others I'll have similar to Darklighter with the Yavin attack scene, or the formation shots but it is usually SW related =)"


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