Gallery 3

Groznik - Wolfshead 19
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"I like things to be simplistic, uncomplicated and tranquil - hence the total lack of any icons on the desktop - so these three are the main-stay and they change with the mood I'm in."

Raiven - Wolfshead 22
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"I tend to shift my desktops around frequently. I ran across this one following a link from the Red Squadron website. The image shows a probe, one of the Voyagers, I think, flying past Europa, one of Jupiter's moons."

Firestorm - Wolfshead 23
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"My home computer. Wonder where I found that background? I like things simple and I'm lazy so all those little icons are there that I don't have to use the start menu. I just wish it would have captured my glowing lightsabre mouse pointer."


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