Gallery 6

Ranger - Red XO
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"I just want windows to hog less resources, and start up faster, so I don't use a background image, or many icons. I also like the black background :)" "I do all my programing on linux and need something nice to look at when nothing goes right and I feel like throwing my computer around the room."

Electro - Ex - Rogue
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"This master painting by Turner so aptly captures the sadness of the end of the age of sail that it has always resonated with me. The glorious colors of the sky and the ignomious end of the tall ship, towed to the wrecking yard by a sorry little steam driven tug are so incongruous... a true master work. Coupled with the background I use an age of sail scheme, with icons and sounds evocative of the time when wooden ships and iron men ruled the seas."

Tool - Gray 5
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"Luxo made this great A-wing rendering so I had to put it in as my background. Don't tread on me!"

Luxo - Gray XO
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"The background is the cover of a CD. (Fey, I love you), and the icons. You don't think I have stars in my head, do you?" "A PC desktop? A Mac desktop? A unix desktop? It's a linux desktop! And this theme is better than a sitting penguin =). Note that some programs are 'must have' in every operating system."


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