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Rancor - Bucanneer 4
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"The background image is something I actually took with my own camera that I simply scanned. I thought it looked kinda cool when I turned it into black and white in Photoshop and is the first background image to last longer than two days - probably only because of an ego thing mind you. ;) Geeze my icons are a mess..."

Nerfboy - Not yet assinged
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"This is my SW desk top. I get a lot of compliments and questions about it. I think it is a cut scene from ROTJ. Anyway, I like it because to conveys the fearlessness that the Rebel show when fighting the Empire. Surmounting tough odds and being victorious over an evil foe. Not to mention a spectacular shot. (I got off of the net somewhere, can't remember where though.)" "This is my "real world" desktop. It is an F-15E Strike Eagle in full blower (afterburner). At one time I had aspirations to sit in the back seat of one of those machines, but it didn't turn out that way (it's a good thing too). The F-15 and it's variants represent the pinacle of twin engine 1970's and 1980's fighter jet development. It has no true equal. It truly is an Eagle! (The image is courtsey of the United States Air Force)."

Snyper - Ex - Red CO
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"Here's the view outside my TIE fighter as I return home. Ex Rebels make the best Imps, don't they?"


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